Friday, January 4, 2019

Music Messenger For Android-APK Download

Music Messenger KEY FEATURES:

  1. • Explore music and search any song in the world
  2. • Create playlists and organize your music library
  3. • Send and receive songs or entire playlists, and instantly share music with friends
  4. • Send music to any one of your contacts and vice-versa
  5. • Message songs and music videos as easily as you send a text message
  6. • Make it yours: personalize your music messages with a cover photo and text
  7. • Simple, intuitive and real-time

Screenshot ImageScreenshot ImageScreenshot Image

Music Messenger Description

Enjoy all the music on YouTube with the easy to use -and completely legal- app Music Messenger. Unlike other apps, you can even listen to music with your device's screen off.
First, enter and confirm your cell phone number to start using Music Messenger, and then enjoy your playlists or create new ones. The songs are played almost instantly, with the YouTube video on a small screen.

Music Messenger More Detail

One of Music Messenger's strong points is that it does exactly what its name suggests: allows you to send music to friends. To do so, choose a song from your playlists and send it to any of your contacts, who can instantly play it directly from the app.

Enjoy all the music on YouTube on your android device with the excellent music player app Music Messenger.

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